Karina LeBlanc, Olympic Athlete

“Stay Ready is a place to go if you are trying to be the best that you per­sonally can be. As an Olympian, I strive everyday to be the best that I can be. I push myself and my body to demanding limits and in doing so I have to surround myself with the best of the best. Stay Ready is exactly that. Aman and his crew have helped my body prepare and stay ready so that I am able to do what I DARE TO DREAM. As I go after my 3rd Olympics and 5th World Cup, I know none of it would be possible without these guys. They not only prepare you physically, but mentally they support you in ways that are just not taught. I am forever grateful to Stay Ready and it’s staff for investing and believing in me at times when even I doubted myself. No matter what your dreams are in life, surrounding yourself with the right people is as important as anything else……. the right people are at STAY READY no matter what your goals are in life.”

Brian Barton, Outfielder, MLB

“For 2 seasons, knee pain really impacted my ability to perform at my best. Dr. Abye helped diagnose and treat thte problem. Now I am faster, stronger, and more confident than ever.”

Nilson “Soneca” DeMacena

“I have been a high-level athlete my whole life. After I injured my knee and needed reconstructive surgery, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get back to living the active life I love. Dr. Abye and Stay Ready Physical Therapy not only got me back to being active, but I have returned to competing internationally. I am actually now more physically fit than I have ever been.”

Gabriel Obertan, English Premier League

“I would recommend STAY READY for any person that wants to either get in shape or improve their performance. I came for an off season condi­tioning program–a great staff with excellent athletic knowledge and good spirits. If you came to work, you couldn’t find a better place”

Rose Crouppen, Amateur Triathlete

“After I fractured my shoulder and tore ligaments in a cycling accident, my triathlon training was halted. Within 2 months [of working with Dr. Abye] my shoulder was strong enough to return to the pool and within 8 month I finished my first Ironman.”

M. Christina Benson, MD

“I was referred to Dr. Abye for treatment of debilitating shoulder-neck-back pain. Thanks to Dr. Abye, I am now feeling great and am enjoying my regular exercise program. I have subsequently referred many patients to him.”

Christine B.

“Physical therapy sucks, right? WRONG! Stay ready PT makes your journey to recovery both enjoyable and healing. The knowledgable staff is patient and kind, and they very gently kick your bum and motivate you to achieve your goals so that you can heal yourself back to 110%. Aman, the owner, has created a special, non intimidating space that feels like you’re hanging and working out with your friends. There’s always a sweet soundtrack bumping & Everyone there is supportive and encouraging. And occasionally it feels like you’re being tortured … But it’s a good torture … The kind where you just know you’re on your way to your recovery. Special shout out to Kyle, Maya, Danny, and of course, Aman: when I broke my shoulder I was DREADING the months to follow – thanks to you guys, I look forward to coming to PT; and while I detest wall slides, there’s no one else I’d rather do them with! Thanks for being PROS!”

Deborah B.

“Aman is simply the best physical therapist I know. He has the best hands in the world. With one touch he knows exactly what part of the body is aching and why. I’ve seen him for over ten years for tension headaches. He has been able to alleviate the pain and reduce the amount of headaches to a fraction of what I used to get. He’s given me exercises to do at home so I can heal myself. He also has an office in Brentwood if that’s more convenient. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all the help he’s given me.”